Retaining Walls 

Five Reasons why you need a retaining wall!

1. Prevents erosion:

Retaining walls help to stop soil erosion caused by heavy rain, winds, and irrigation. They can retain the land and your property's layout in its current form.

2. Manages runoff:

Retaining walls can redirect the way water travels, particularly during a harsh storm. If flood waters encroach on your home each time it rains, a retaining wall can help prevent significant property damage.

3. Prevent sinkholes:

Retaining walls help prevent sinkholes by redistributing water and limiting pooling.

4. Adds structural support:

If your lot sits on a incline, a retaining wall can protect the integrity of your foundation and provide the structural support necessary to keep your home safe from unstable soil.

5. Creates usable land for planting and entertainment:

A retaining wall can provide usable, flat surfaces. Thid additional space can be used for planting garden, creating a seating area over looking your property, adding a TV and a bar for entertaining, or installing an outdoor kitchen.

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