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Our Retaining Wall Company Enhances Properties

Transform your outdoor space with a beautifully designed retaining wall from Georgia Outdoor Services. For years, we have been enhancing Georgia properties with custom retaining walls that prevent erosion, create usable flat yards, and provide an elegant border or backdrop. Our experienced team works with you to create the ideal retaining wall for your landscape using natural stone, brick, concrete, timber, boulders, or other quality materials.

Whether you need to stabilize a steep slope, terrace a hilly yard, or just give your landscape the finishing touch, a properly installed retaining wall provides both functionality and beauty. We handle the structural engineering principles and expert construction techniques to build retaining walls that will stand strong for decades. Contact Georgia Outdoor Services today to discuss your retaining wall project. Our customizable design and installation services can enhance your landscape and increase your property value.

Retaining Wall Materials

Georgia Outdoor Services offers retaining walls built from a variety of attractive materials:

Natural Stone

Stone retaining walls provide a classic, elegant look. We use local fieldstone and veneer stone to create strong gravity walls that work with the natural landscape. The color and texture of natural stone blend beautifully into gardens.


For a traditional, colonial look, brick is a great choice. We use solid clay bricks and install them neatly into the retaining wall. Brick can also be incorporated along with natural stone.


Poured concrete and concrete masonry units allow us to build walls of any height. Concrete is very strong, low maintenance, and can be shaped and colored in many ways.


Wood retaining walls bring warmth and a rustic feel to your landscape. We use durable timber species that hold up well outdoors. Treated timber works well for short garden walls up to 4 feet tall.


For a bold, natural style, we can design and place large boulders along a slope or grade change. This creates a very organic retaining wall that blends into natural settings.

Benefits of a Retaining Wall

There are many great reasons to install a retaining wall on your property. Here are some of the top benefits:

Prevent erosion and stabilize slopes

Retaining walls reinforce steep banks and prevent soil erosion. This protects your landscape investment.

Create usable flat yards

Retaining walls can be used to terrace a yard that has a steep slope, allowing you to gain useful flat space for flower beds, other plants, or entertaining.

Enhance aesthetics

Retaining walls can be designed to complement your home’s architecture and landscaping materials. They provide beautiful buffers and borders.

Increase property value

Well-built retaining walls add value by improving aesthetics, providing more usable space, and keeping soil erosion at bay.

Allow creative designs

Retaining walls can curve, step, and stack, allowing for creative shapes, tiered gardens, and planters.

Retaining Wall Design

Our team of experienced landscape designers will work with you to create a retaining wall design that fits your yard, matches your architecture, and works with your landscape materials. Here are some of the design factors we consider:

  • Overall height required
  • Ideal materials based on aesthetics and budget
  • Terracing options if working along a tall slope
  • Incorporating steps, lighting, drainage, and railings if needed
  • Curves, corners, planter boxes, and other shapes
  • Transitions from retaining walls to existing yard grade
  • Evaluating the need for reinforcement
  • Choosing colors and textures that complement your home

Retaining Wall Installation

Proper structural design and engineering principles are vital for building a retaining wall that will stand the test of time. Our retaining walls are carefully installed by experts:

  • Excavation of footing and base preparation
  • Compaction of the base in lifts for stability
  • Leveling and alignment of units
  • Proper use of geogrid tiers if required for tall walls
  • Correct drainage and backfill with gravel behind the wall
  • Sloping grade away from the wall for surface drainage
  • Adding finishing touches like caps, lighting, and plants

Maintaining Your Walls

While our walls are built to last for decades, periodic maintenance is important. We provide homeowners with tips for ongoing wall care:

  • Inspect for leaning, bulging, cracks, or soil loss after major storms
  • Re-align any shifted units immediately to prevent cascading failure
  • Keep drainage ditches and pipes clear of debris
  • Prevent erosion behind the wall with proper grading and groundcover plants
  • Don’t install structures, trees, or bushes on top of your wall
  • Clean stains and remove weeds/vegetation promptly
  • Seal cracks in concrete or mortar promptly to prevent moisture damage

Why Choose Georgia Outdoor Services?

When it comes to installing a retaining wall on your property, you want to choose a company with expertise and a proven track record. Georgia Outdoor Services is the top choice for walls in Georgia for several important reasons:

Experienced Designers and Builders

Our team includes professional landscape designers who can create the ideal wall design for your unique space and terrain. We also have seasoned construction professionals who know the proper techniques for structural stability and drainage.

Customizable Material and Style Options

With Georgia Outdoor Services, you aren’t limited to just one look. We can build your wall using natural stone, brick, concrete, timber, boulders, or a combination. We will help match the style to your home.

Structured Process from Start to Finish

From initial consultation to final inspection, we follow a structured process to ensure your retaining wall is designed, engineered, and installed correctly.

Focus on Proper Drainage

We understand the importance of proper drainage behind a wall to prevent buildup of hydraulic pressure. Our walls incorporate gravel backfill, drains, and slope grading.

Attention to Structural Details

Every wall requires the right base preparation, compaction, leveling, anchoring, geogrid placement, and slope. We handle all structural details.

Expertise Building Steps, Curves, and Tiers

We have experience with building not just straight walls, but also steps, curves, corners, multi-level tiers, and other unique designs.

Trusted by Property Owners

Our reputation for beautiful, quality retaining walls has made us the top choice in Georgia for years. We back up our workmanship with warranties.

 For an expertly built retaining wall that enhances your landscape, prevents erosion, gains usable space, and adds property value, choose Georgia Outdoor Services. Our customized walls are simply a cut above the rest.

Transform Your Yard with a Retaining Wall

A properly designed and installed wall can make a huge difference in improving the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor living space. Georgia Outdoor Services has the expertise to build you a retaining wall that will uniquely match your landscape. Contact us today to get started creating your ideal backyard environment.

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