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Georgia Outdoor Services is your premier provider of beautiful and functional retaining walls in Roswell, GA. A properly built retaining wall can transform your outdoor space, prevent erosion, enhance landscaping, and add value to your home. With over 15 years of experience, our team has the expertise to construct stunning retaining walls that will stand the test of time.

The Benefits of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve important purposes beyond looking attractive. Here are some of the top benefits of installing a wall on your Roswell property:

Prevent Erosion and Direct Water Flow

Over time, weather, gravity, and water flow can cause the soil on slopes or hills to erode. This leads to loss of usable yard space, potential foundation issues, and runoff problems. Our retaining walls are specifically designed to fortify slopes and prevent erosion. They can also redirect and control water flow away from your home’s foundation.

Create Usable Level Yard Space

By terracing a slope with well-built retaining walls, we can create functional, flat yard space for gardens, play areas, and more. Transform once-unusable angled space into additional living area. Retaining walls enable you to reclaim land on your property and expand its functionality.

Support Soil for Trees, Beds, and Lawns

The wall’s structural reinforcement enables you to build up level layers of topsoil to support plant and tree growth where the original grade was previously too steep. They allow you to establish beds, lawns, and landscaping that would not thrive on a slope or hillside.

Add Curb Appeal and Property Value

Not only are retaining walls functional, but they also provide aesthetic benefits to improve your home’s curb appeal. Our eye-catching wall designs and materials like natural stone and brick complement any landscape. Finished walls can boost your property value by increasing usable space and creating attractive yard features.

Last for Decades with Minimal Maintenance

Unlike some other landscaping features, a properly engineered retaining wall is extremely durable when installed correctly. Our walls are designed to require very minimal maintenance for decades after construction. Avoid constant repairs and issues by choosing high-quality walls right from the start.

Custom Retaining Wall Solutions for Your Property

We understand that every Roswell property is unique. Our team assesses the distinct needs and layout of your yard to design a tailored retaining wall solution. Some of the custom options we offer include:

  • Tiered or Single Retaining Walls
    Depending on the slope grade and your landscape plans, we will construct a single retaining wall or a series of tiered walls working with the natural levels of your yard. Tiered walls help break up extreme slopes into manageable sections.
  • Mortared or Dry Stacking Stone Walls
    For a classic look, we use natural stone in dry stacked retaining walls with no mortar. This style features an organic appearance. For more formal retaining walls, we use mortared stone. Mortaring creates clean lines and a structured look.
  • Curves, Steps, Designs
    Beyond straight lines, our retaining walls can incorporate curves, steps, corners and other custom elements per your preferences. We can mimic shapes and silhouettes from surrounding landscape features.
  • Drainage Systems
    Effective drainage is critical for retaining wall performance and longevity. We integrate drainage components like gravel backfill, French drains, weep holes and pipes during construction. Keep walls stable and avoid hydrostatic pressure behind the wall.
  • Accent Features like Planters, Lighting and Railings
    We can build accent features like integrated planters, lighting, or railings on top of the finished retaining wall. These details add form and function for ultimate enjoyment of your new retaining wall.

Do you have a specific material, technique, or feature in mind for your retaining wall? Our team will turn your vision into reality. Every retaining wall we create is one-of-a-kind.

Retaining Wall Materials for Durability and Aesthetics

Retaining walls must stand up to constant pressure from the earth behind them. We use only heavy-duty, structural materials that also deliver eye-catching looks:

Natural Stone

For organic texture and appeal, natural field stone is an unparalleled material. Limestone and granite have high compressive strength. Dry stacking creates a timeless gravity wall. With mortar, we build striking cut stone retaining walls.


Classic, strong, and elegant, brick makes a refined retaining wall material. We use solid, clay bricks in variations like herringbone patterns. Concrete bricks are also available for a modern look. Painting bricks adds pops of color.


Poured concrete has exceptional durability to bear heavy wall loads. Concrete’s rigidity also allows for tall, single walls rather than multiple tiers. We offer diverse concrete options – various colors, patterns, and finishes like stamped overlays.


For a ‘lighter’ feel, timber retaining walls use heavy wood beams like 6×6 pressure-treated posts. We incorporate timber into terraced walls and small accent walls up to 3 feet in height. Timber is also suitable for edging beds and yards.


Manufactured blocks like Adams Garden Wall, Anchor, Diamond Pro Stone Cut, and Versa-Lok are modeled after natural stone textures and colors. We use high-strength blocks to construct seamless freestanding retaining walls up to 6 feet tall in serpentine shapes.

No matter what aesthetic you’re after, we have a durable, gorgeous retaining wall material to match. Our experts will recommend the best options for the needs of your yard and home.

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