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Living in Norcross, GA means enjoying the beautiful outdoors, from lush greenery to rolling hills. However, those lovely slopes and elevation changes can present challenges when it comes to landscaping or adding functional spaces to your outdoor living area. That’s where Georgia Outdoor Services can help.

We are experts in designing and building retaining walls (also known as abutments, breast walls, bulkheads, bulwarks, embankments, and piling) that not only hold back and support soil but also enhance the aesthetics of your yard. With over 15 years of experience serving Norcross and the surrounding areas, we have the skills to construct walls that are stunning, sturdy, and customized for your property’s unique landscape.

The Benefits of a Well-Designed Retaining Wall

A properly built retaining wall provides numerous advantages:

Prevents erosion and washouts

Retaining walls reinforce slopes and prevent the earth from sliding or washing away during heavy rains. This protects your landscaping investment and prevents cascading damage.

Allows for usable flat spaces

Retaining walls can level out slopes and create flat yards, gardens, or patio spaces where they wouldn’t otherwise exist in hilly terrain. This expands your usable outdoor living area.

Enhances aesthetics

Stone, brick, or interlocking concrete retaining walls can become beautiful landscape features in their own right, complementing your home’s architecture and yard design.

Increases property value

Quality retaining walls add real monetary value to your home by enhancing usable space and curb appeal.


When properly designed and constructed, retaining walls can last for decades with minimal maintenance required. This provides an excellent return on investment.


Retaining walls have numerous applications, from short landscaping walls to tall reinforced structures behind or alongside buildings. We can build the optimal retaining wall design for your specific needs.

Retaining Wall Materials and Designs

Georgia Outdoor Services has extensive expertise with a variety of retaining wall options:
Stone Retaining Walls

Stone is a classic, natural-looking material. Our stone retaining walls use structurally sound techniques with reinforced footing and drainage. Stone options include:

  • Fieldstone – Multi-colored, rugged, aged appearance
  • Granite – Speckled gray with sparkling quartz; elegant but relaxed
  • Limestone – Light gray/cream color; formal aesthetic
  • Sandstone – Distinctive red/brown coloration and visible grain
  • Bluestone – Slate blue hue; easily forms organic shapes

Stone retaining walls develop a patina of moss or lichen over time for an antiqued appearance. They provide a timeless, traditional look.

Brick and Interlocking Concrete Block Retaining Walls

For a tidy, uniform appearance, brick and interlocking block retaining walls are an excellent choice:

· Brick – Classic, elegant look; visually matches hardened landscapes

· Concrete blocks – Neat, tidy appearance; wide variety of color options

The interlocking blocks assemble almost like puzzles, making a sturdy wall structure that requires no mortaring. This makes them suitable for do-it-yourself projects, but we recommend professional installation for structural integrity and drainage.X

Timber Retaining Walls

For a more rustic, natural wood look, timber is a great retaining wall material. We use pressure-treated lumber to resist rot and decay:

  • Landscape timbers – 6×6 and 4×6 treated lumber; simple and inexpensive
  • Log style – Hand-peeled logs for a dramatic effect; custom cuts and lengths

Timber retaining walls are quick to construct but do require periodic maintenance and replacing rotten wood every 5-10 years. The uneven, asymmetrical look complements gardens and more casual, eclectic landscapes.

Custom Design and Engineering

Georgia Outdoor Services will customize your retaining wall design for your specific needs:

  • Site analysis – We assess the site conditions, including grade, drainage, soil types, and water flow patterns, and measure exactly how much earth the wall will need to retain.
  • Purpose – Retaining walls serve many different purposes, whether supporting a slope for usable space, preventing erosion, redirecting water flow, or serving as an aesthetic landscape feature. We tailor the design to your functional requirements.
  • Lap and buttress options – For additional strength on taller retaining walls, we include lap joints, deadmen anchors, and buttresses in the construction plans.
  • Tiered walls – Steep slopes sometimes require terraced retaining walls. We determine optimal heights and depths for each tier.
  • Curves – We can design curved or serpentine retaining walls that complement the natural contours of your landscape.
  • Block selection – If using interlocking blocks, we will recommend ideal block dimensions, setback, lip depth, highlights, face style, and color options to suit your project goals.
  • Drainage – Proper drainage is crucial for retaining wall integrity and longevity. We design drainage pipes, gravel backfill, weep holes, and other water management elements.

Professional Installation Services

While some property owners tackle smaller landscape retaining walls as DIY projects, we strongly recommend hiring Georgia Outdoor Services for installation. Our experienced pros get the job done quickly with an attention to detail that ensures your wall will be structurally sound for decades.

Retaining wall installation expertise includes:

  • Excavation – We bring in equipment to dig footings and trenches to the proper depth and width.
  • Base preparation – A critical first step, we level and compact soil, gravel, and sand bases to create a stable foundation.
  • Block fitting – Interlocking blocks take skill to properly stack, align, and connect. We ensure every block is level and fitted tightly.
  • Soil backfilling – Soil needs to be carefully compacted behind the wall to avoid future settling and wall damage.
  • Finishing touches – We neatly finish off wall edges and caps to complete the polished look.
  • Drainage – Drain pipes, gravel, and other drainage elements are integrated per the engineered plans.

Let us handle the heavy work involved so you can relax and simply admire your newly built, beautiful retaining wall.

Retaining Walls That Complement Your Home and Landscape

Well-designed retaining walls don’t just hold soil in place. They can transform your entire outdoor living space and enhance your home’s curb appeal. We pay close attention to aesthetics, including:

Using Materials that Complement Your Home

If your house has a rustic wood or brick exterior, we’ll match that look with your retaining wall material. For a cool modern home, sleek concrete blocks make an ideal pairing. Our goal is cohesion. The retaining wall should look like an integrated landscape feature, not an out-of-place eyesore.

Following the Natural Lines and Flow of the Landscape

Retaining walls should blend with the natural contours, not disrupt them. We design walls that gracefully follow the existing flow of your yard rather than imposing rigid unnatural lines. The result is a beautiful harmony between structure and landscape.

Allowing the Retaining Wall to Shine

At the same time, a well-designed retaining wall deserves to be a focal feature. We use textures, patterns, scaling, lighting and plantings to showcase your new retaining wall so it becomes a true standout element of your outdoor environment.

Add Beauty and Function to Your Property with a Retaining Wall

Whether you need to manage a troublesome slope, expand level usable space, prevent erosion, or just want to enhance the beauty of your landscape in Norcross, a retaining wall by Georgia Outdoor Services is the solution. With nearly 25 years of experience building stunning, functional walls that improve outdoor living spaces, you can rely on us for maximized value and enjoyment.

Retaining Walls FAQs

  • What is a retaining wall?  A retaining wall is a structure built to hold back soil on a slope. They prevent erosion, create usable flat yard space, and can add visual interest to your landscape.
  • What are retaining walls made of?  We offer a variety of materials for retaining walls, including natural stone, brick, concrete, timber, and boulders. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, aesthetics, and durability.
  • Do I need a retaining wall?  Retaining walls can be a good solution if you have a sloped yard that is prone to erosion, or if you want to create level space for a patio, deck, or garden.
  • Do you design and build retaining walls?  Yes, our team of experienced professionals can design and build a retaining wall that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meets your specific needs.
  • What is the consultation process like?  During a free consultation, we will discuss your goals for your outdoor space and assess your property to determine the best type and location for a retaining wall. We will also provide you with an estimate for the project.
  • How long does it take to install a retaining wall?  The installation time for a retaining wall will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, we can provide you with an estimated timeframe during the consultation.
  • What other outdoor services do you offer?  In addition to retaining walls, we offer a variety of other outdoor services to help you create your dream backyard getaway spot. This can include patio installation, deck building, fire pit installation, drainage solutions, and landscaping services.
  • How can I learn more about your other services?  You can learn more about our other services by visiting our website or contacting us for a free consultation. We would be happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.
  • Do you offer free consultations for other outdoor services?  Yes, we do offer free consultations for all of our outdoor services. This allows us to meet with you, discuss your vision for your outdoor space, and provide you with a personalized plan and estimate.

For a free consultation to discuss your needs and get an estimate, contact us today.

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