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Discover the possibilities for your outdoor space. Let us show you just how great your yard can look with our landscaping services. Contact us today.

Landscape Your Property with Georgia Outdoor Services

Surround yourself with beauty and improve curb appeal with professional landscaping services from Georgia Outdoor Services. For years, we have been enhancing Georgia properties with lush sod, eye-catching lighting, relaxing water features, flowering trees, and more. Our experts make it simple to upgrade your outdoor space.

Whether you need a sprinkler system installed for greener grass, want to highlight garden beds and pathways with landscape lighting, or are ready for an instant lawn with sod installation, we can help. Our custom designs and expert installation services match your personal vision and fit your lifestyle. Contact Georgia Outdoor Services today to get started creating the tranquil, welcoming landscape you’ve dreamed about. The exterior of your home is worth investing in.

Irrigation Systems for Healthy Lawns and Plants

Reap the benefits of a professionally designed and installed irrigation system. We create customized watering solutions for lawns, gardens, trees, and shrubs tailored to your landscape. Proper irrigation promotes healthy growth and saves you time hand watering.

  • Automated Controllers
    Automatic irrigation controllers turn the system on and off on a set schedule that meets plant needs. Smart controllers adjust schedules based on the weather. We program the controller based on each zone’s watering needs.
  • Drip and Spray Heads
    Drip irrigation targets plants and trees with slow, direct watering. Spray heads are perfect for even watering across lawns. We choose the right high-efficiency heads for each area and install them in the optimal layout.
  • Pipe System
    PVC and polyethylene pipes in the right diameters route water from the water source to zones throughout the landscape. We determine pipe sizing and layout to provide adequate water pressure to all irrigation heads.
  • Valves and Filters
    Valves activate water flow to different zones. Filters remove debris from the water to prevent clogging. We include all necessary plumbing components at optimal locations to keep the system running properly.
  • Drainage and Winterization
    Proper slope, drainage components, and blow-out procedures in winter climates prevent damage. We design systems to drain fully when off to avoid puddling and freezing issues.

Landscape Lighting for Beauty and Security

Strategically placed landscape lighting beautifies your property 24 hours a day. Low-voltage lights illuminate pathways, accent trees/plants, highlight architectural features and provide security. We design lighting plans that enhance your landscape’s best features.

Pathway Lighting

Lining walkways and driveways with small path lights provide guidance and safety. We incorporate path lighting to highlight the shape of your pathways without overpowering the landscape.


Spotlights aimed at prominent plants, flower beds, water features, and garden focal points create dramatic beauty at night. We use LED spotlights for brightness, energy efficiency, and longevity.

Post Lights

Light posts along pathways have an elegant, old-world feel. We place matching light posts at regular intervals along driveways or lining the edge of a patio.


For expansive coverage of larger structures, we specify floodlights. Floodlights evenly cast light across the exterior of your home, garden walls, and outbuildings.

Deck and Porch Lights

Post lights, spotlights, stair lights, and overhead fixtures make decks and porches both beautiful and safe after sunset. We incorporate layered lighting that sets the right mood.

Lush Sod for Instant Landscape Gratification

For instant lawn gratification, nothing beats the manicured look of sod. We expertly install plush sod that takes your landscape from drab to fab almost overnight. Sod establishment does require some patience and care.

Sod Selection

We source premium sod that thrives in Georgia consisting of hardy, durable grass varieties like Bermuda, Zoysia, and Fescue. The sod we install has dense, healthy grass free of weeds and pests.

Site Preparation

Proper soil preparation is key before laying sod. We till the soil, removing rocks and debris. Then we grade the area, install any necessary irrigation components, and mix in organic material to amend the soil.


Our professionals neatly lay the sod rolls edge-to-edge for full coverage. We roll the sod after installation to ensure solid contact with the soil. Seam gaps are filled with soil compounds.

Initial Maintenance

New sod requires frequent watering, fertilization, and mowing to establish deep roots. We provide detailed instructions for care as the sod takes hold over the first 2-3 months.

Why Choose Georgia Outdoor Services?

Creating a beautiful, functional landscape requires expertise in design, horticulture, and systems like irrigation and lighting. Choose Georgia Outdoor Services for your landscaping project and enjoy these advantages:

Custom Landscape Designs

Our designers collaborate with you to create a landscape plan tailored to your property, needs, and personal style. We know what works well in Georgia.

Healthy, Thriving Plants

We select plants, trees, sod, and other living elements that are well-suited to Georgia’s climate and your site conditions to remain healthy.

Efficient Irrigation Systems

Our irrigation systems are designed to evenly water all your plants and turf areas based on their specific needs, promoting vitality.

Landscape Lighting Done Right

We develop lighting plans that highlight the best features of your landscape and provide the right amount of illumination for ambiance and safety.

Focus on Curb Appeal

From lush sod to well-placed plants and lighting, we focus on making your property inviting from the street for added home value.

Eco-Friendly Approach

From plant selection to efficient irrigation, we incorporate green landscaping principles that conserve resources and promote sustainability.

Professional Installation

Our experienced team properly installs all landscaping elements including plants, lighting, irrigation, walkways, and structures according to industry best practices.

For expert landscaping services that create an outdoor oasis, choose Georgia Outdoor Services. We have a proven track record of enhancing Georgia landscapes. Contact us today.

Relax and Enjoy a Beautiful Landscape

Surround yourself with the landscape of your dreams. Georgia Outdoor Services will make it a reality. Contact us today and our experts will work with you to design a landscape that perfectly suits your property and lifestyle. We handle the entire process from permits to planting so you can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of your ideal outdoor sanctuary.

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