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Georgia Outdoor Services is your top choice for retaining wall installation and repair in Johns Creek, GA. If you need a sturdy, attractive wall installed or maintained on your Johns Creek property, you’ve come to the right place.

With nearly 25 years of experience building and repairing walls in Johns Creek and the surrounding areas, our team has the expertise to construct walls that will stand the test of time. We use only the highest quality materials and employ advanced building techniques to create strong, long-lasting retaining walls that will enhance your landscape for decades to come.

Retaining Wall Services We Provide

Our team has the knowledge and resources to provide a full range of retaining wall services to enhance and protect your Johns Creek property:

New Retaining Wall Installation

We can install beautiful retaining walls built to your desired size, height, and style using the ideal materials for durability and aesthetics.

Retaining Wall Repairs

If you have an existing retaining wall that is damaged, deteriorating, or showing signs of failure, we can quickly perform necessary repairs and reinforcement to restore its structural integrity.

Drainage Systems

Proper drainage is crucial for retaining wall performance and longevity. We’ll design and install drainage components like gravel backfill, perforated pipes, and underground outlets.


Let us complete the look and function of your new or repaired wall with grading, backfilling, and planting aesthetically pleasing trees, shrubs, plants, and vines.


For added beauty and visibility, we can install lighting options like post-cap lights, recessed lights, and creative up-lighting.


We’ll handle the permitting process with local building codes offices to obtain required permits before your retaining wall installation begins.

Retaining Wall Ideas for Your Johns Creek Property

Retaining walls serve both practical and aesthetic purposes on residential and commercial properties. Here are some ways we can utilize walls to enhance your specific needs:

  • Slope Protection – Retaining walls reinforce slopes prone to soil erosion, landslides, or collapse. We’ll build reinforced walls with adequate drainage systems to stabilize steep embankments and prevent downhill subsidence.
  • Yard Leveling – Multi-tiered retaining walls effectively transform hilly, uneven yards into usable flat spaces for play areas, additional living space, and landscaping.
  • Space Creation – Curved, terraced, or angular walls can add “new” yards, gardens, and leisure spaces where the natural topography restricts land usability.
  • Pool Surrounds – Gracefully curved concrete or stone pool surrounds complement the poolscape while preventing erosion from high soil grades around the pool perimeter.
  • Water Features – Retaining walls create the perfect canvas for elegant waterfall and fountain features. We can build the foundations and pools to integrate cascading water elements.
  • Noise Abatement – Properly constructed walls deflect, absorb, and isolate exterior noise from nearby roads, commercial zones, or neighbors.

Let our retaining wall specialists examine your property and design needs to recommend the ideal walls to serve both form and function.

Wall Materials We Offer

Georgia Outdoor Services offers a wide selection of retaining wall building materials so you can choose products that best suit your structural needs and design preferences:

Concrete Retaining Walls

Poured concrete and concrete masonry unit (CMU) blocks offer tremendous strength and durability. We construct reinforced concrete walls with superior resistance to soil pressure and water damage.

Stone Retaining Walls

For a classic, natural aesthetic, we build sturdy stone retaining walls using local granite, limestone, and other attractive natural stones that withstand decades of wear.

Brick & Block Retaining Walls

Brick and modular concrete blocks in diverse shapes, patterns, and textures provide an eye-catching look and stable functionality for terraced gardens and sculpted landscaping.

Timber Retaining Walls

Suitable for shorter heights, timber retaining walls made of durable woods like cedar and redwood provide organic, rustic charm along with solid performance.

Vinyl Walls

For a lightweight, low-maintenance option, we install vinyl retaining walls with embedded posts and galvanized anchors to provide reinforced stability with moisture resistance.

Contact us today to install a wall system in your yard.

Why Choose Us for Your Retaining Wall Project?

When you choose Georgia Outdoor Services for your retaining wall needs, you get access to our outstanding customer service and craftsmanship. Here are some key reasons to trust us with your wall installation or repair:

We’re Local Experts

As a local company based in Johns Creek, we understand the climate, soil conditions, and other factors that impact wall construction in this area. Our familiarity with the local environment allows us to build walls tailored to thrive in Johns Creek.

Advanced Training & Certifications

Our wall installers complete specialized training and earn professional certifications so they can properly install the latest wall products and utilize advanced building techniques.

Premium Materials

We use only the best building materials, including high-strength concrete, durable pavers, and reinforced wall blocks designed for long-term stability. This ensures your wall will last for decades.

Eye for Detail

Our crew pays attention to every aspect of the building process, double-checking measurements, slope angles, drainage, and more to construct an attractive, functional wall.


With our extensive experience building retaining walls in Johns Creek, we can complete most projects efficiently without sacrificing quality craftsmanship.

Full Service

We handle the entire retaining wall process including design, permitting, installation, drainage, landscaping, lighting, and more.

Georgia Outdoor Services is ready to tackle your retaining wall installation or repair project in Johns Creek. Contact us online or call today to schedule your free design consultation and estimate.

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For culinary enthusiasts, The Standard at the Johns Creek Town Center stands out with its delectable farm-to-table offerings, while Sugo’s Mediterranean cuisine tantalizes taste buds with its flavorful dishes.

With a plethora of parks, excellent dining options, and a strong sense of community, Johns Creek truly embodies the best of both worlds.

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